We invite international students for study and fruitful cooperation.

Department of power supply invites international students for study and fruitful cooperation. Department trains specialists for electric and fuel power complexes, civil engineering works and environmental protection. Graduates are capable of developing, designing and operating energy complexes and systems and creating modern energy saving systems of eco-friendly energy management.

Signing of the Memorandum on cooperation with Energoatom

State Agency on Energy Efficiency (http://saee.gov.ua), NNEGC "Energoatom" (http://www.energoatom.kiev.ua), Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management NTUU "KPI" (http://iee.kpi.ua) and the High Council of Energy Auditors and Energy Managers of Ukraine (http://ukrenergoaudit.org) have signed a joint Memorandum on cooperation in the field of energy efficiency. 1


specialty 141 Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics (specialization "Energy management and energy efficiency") and specialty 144 Heat power engineering (specialization "Energy management and engineering") 1

Photo report of All-Ukrainian scientific conference of student members of the Junior Academy of Science on Energy Efficiency

Members of the Junior Academy of Sciences came to visit the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IEE) of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute. There they have acquainted with materials and technical and laboratoryes of IEE, met with teachers and scientists of the Institute, who told them about modern trends in energy saving and demonstrated number of laboratory posters which are used for students training on specialties: electrical power supply systems, energy management and energy efficiency..

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New equipment for power supply systems laboratory

In cooperation with the company "NIK-electronics" department got modern power voltage for laboratory research. This unit will be used in the laboratory of electricity.

It is planned to equip the bench for the study of thyristor stabilizers volt additional type, which will conduct laboratory work to prepare students who study in "Electricity, electronics and electrical engineering."

Department staff would like to thank the management of the company "NIK-electronics" for helping to improve material and technical base of the department, which will enable joint efforts to increase the quality of training in the field of power and energy efficiency in modern electrical equipment, as well as ensure the development of innovation.