Scientific schools

The department formed scientific schools:

Systems providing electricity

Areas of research master's programs and directions:

• intellectual power system (Smart Grid);

• smart grids and electrical systems;

• Intelligent Information Technology for power;

• dispersed power generation systems;

• Control Electrical systems and industrial complexes;

• management of local and municipal power systems and electricity.

Energy management and energy efficiency technologies

Areas of research master's programs and directions:

• Integrated energy systems and ecological-energetic management;

• Energy management systems for industrial and municipal facilities based on the concept of Smart Grid;

• energy management system for optimization of production, distribution and use of energy;

• innovative energy-saving technologies and energy efficiency across the economy;

• complex control energy supply companies;

• liberalized energy markets.

Complex scientific researches lead in the rules, were shaped  scientific  schools on the department carried out comprehensive research on modern trends of electric power and electrical systems under the concept of Smart Grid, implementation of energy saving policy and energy efficiency. Established scientific contacts with related departments of Ukraine and leading foreign universities. Developed and successfully implemented a system of continuous training on a "Bachelor Specialist / Master, Ph.D.".