Employment of graduates

Graduates are working in the field of energy supply and energy use in energy companies, industrial enterprises, municipal facilities, regardless of ownership, leading experts, energy managers, energy auditors and inspectors in the energy sector, design institutes, the central and local authorities. The percentage of employed graduates (masters and specialists), who studied on budget form (last 5 years) is 100%, indicating the present demand for our specialists.

All of our students that completed diploma have a high scientific and technical level under relevant topics. The vast majority of diploma projects themes are consistent with existing enterprises, in which students were pre practices. Graduation projects correspond to the current state of science, technology and production.

Positive aspects in training is the use of advanced software for calculation and research of electricity supply, increasing the number of real diploma projects on the initial data of enterprises and organizations. To improve the quality of degree projects and specialists need to increase the number of implemented projects, which coordinate and approve the initial data for designing the enterprises to practice. Performance diploma projects carried out using modern computer technology and software systems, such as MathCad, MatLab, AutoCad, Power Factory and information of the Internet.

Subjects of the diploma project is very varied and covers many kinds of energy efficiency business objects. Graduation projects performed at a high theoretical level involving computer technology.

High level of training of our staff to the best international standards is a guarantee for successful employment in Ukraine and abroad at leading enterprises and organizations. Our graduates are the highest category of officials, top managers of leading international and Ukrainian energy companies and corporations.

Graduates work in the following companies and organizations: State Agency for energy efficiency and conservation Ukraine, State Institute of comprehensive feasibility studies. Saving Department, OJSC Kyiv Institute Energoprojekt, Ltd. OBO "Battermann Ukraine", LLC "Kyiv Energy Construction Company" SE "Holovderzhenerhonahlyad" SE "National Power Company" Ukrenergo ", JSC" Kyivoblenergo ", JSC" Kievmedpreparat "" Arterium "Ltd. "Trading electric company", JSC "Farmak" JV "Car Repair plant" Kyiv Metro, OJSC "AK Kyivvodocanal" OP "Scientific and technical center power" SE "National power company" Ukrenergo ", PJSC" Obolon "DND and PVI "SRI proektrekonstruktsiya", JSC "SSC Ukraine" Dielectric cable systems of Ukraine ", Institute of electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine, State Enterprise" National power company "Ukrenergo", LLC "Ukrenerhoefekt" Institute of energy Sciences of Ukraine, State research and design Institute of innovative technologies in the energy and energy efficiency, LLC "contactor", JSC "Carlsberg Ukraine", Institute of renewable energy National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, of "Fozzy food", the National Commission, which performs state regulation in the energy and utilities Ukraine, NNEGC " Energoatom "GP" Energy "SE" Ukrnidiproekt ", LLC" Yevrokonstruktsiya "Center of energy saving technologies" ECO "SE" Ukrposhta ", JSC" Imperial Tobacco Ukraine Prodakshyn. "

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Association of Quality masters of the department can get the certificate of "Energy manager" or "energy auditors" given by European Quality Association.