The mobility of the department representatives at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw

From May 13 to May 19, 2018 Derevianko Denys had a mobility by Erasmus + program at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw (WSEIZ). As part of his internship, he gave lectures on pre-agreed topics with the host university topics in English.


The problem of sustainable development of the society as well as the rational management of the use of natural resources and the state of the environment is extremely relevant today, therefore, it has found a significant response among the students. During my lectures, I used to maximize the capabilities of the multimedia equipment available at the university, which improved the student's perception of the material provided.


The presentation material accompanying the lectures contained, in addition to the key concepts, a considerable amount of statistical data that clearly illustrated the lecture material presented by me. Interested students asked questions during the lecture, and even a little delayed after one of them for a brief discussion.



In addition, during my internship, I had a series of meetings with the Vice-rector of Ms. Y. Klis and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Management Mr. Y. Tsetner, regarding the establishment of cooperation in the framework of joint research, as well as organization and holding of the University of Ecology and the management of a joint conference involving not only employees, but also students and postgraduates.

I consider my internship to be fruitful. It enabled me to improve my teaching experience in English as well as to establish professional relationships with the host university.


Derevianko D.