Day of English language in Schools and Universities


The day of English language will be held in Schools of Ukraine on December 14, 2016, on the initiative of the Go Global, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the British Council in Ukraine.  During this day in Secondary Schools open lessons, Speaking Clubs and Theatrical Productions in memory of the famous poet and playwright of the United Kingdom, William Shakespeare ( «Shakespeare Day») will be conducted.

The day of English language will be held in Educational Establishments in the framework of the project "English Week", during the 12th to 18th of December and there are some planned activities about learning English. The project is dedicated to the official closing of the year of English language in Ukraine and it aims at promotion of learning English in Ukraine.

British Council in Ukraine and Public Initiative GoGlobal  invite all Ukrainian Universities to join to the Day of English language in Educational Establishments ! We offer Higher Education Institutions to hold discussion in English on one of the suggested topics. British Council in Ukraine provides teaching materials for  preparation  for discussions. The format of the event: the  students will be acquainted with the provided teaching materials, will discuss in groups and  will share their conclusions/ideas/photos/ after discussions in social networks under the hashtag  #weekofenglish.

The proposed theme for the English-language debate and materials to prepare before the debate:

  1. Soft Power. Does it work?
  1. Cultural Diplomacy

We hope that through joint efforts we can sum up the year, loudly and effectively throughout the country!

Download announcement (PDF).

Report about desire to take part in the project can be an e-mail GoGlobal -