Masters thesis and dissertations

Author Subject Presenting date Supervisor
Deyko B. V.

Evaluation of ENERGY Based on current and projected energy balance ENTERPRISES

2016 Ph.D., Associate Professor
Inshekov E.M.
Shkrebtii M.

Electricity consumption management of the enterprises with the continuous nature of production

2016 Ph.D., Associate Professor Kalinchyk Vasyl Prokopovich
Kudiev P.V

Optimal construction of power distribution networks, taking into account the voltage mode

Ph.D., Associate Professor
Fedosenko M.M.
Blizniuk Y.

Energy supply system for wood-processing facility with the fuel cell power unit

2016 Ph.D. Kostiuk Vasily Osipovich
Matveyev S.U.

Conception of digital substations in both key components of smart grids SMART GRID

2016 Ph.D., Associate Professor
Pobihaylo V. A.

Aksonova O.S.

Deterministic-stochastic modeling of combined system of power supply of infrastructure object

2016 PhD, Senior Lecturer
Kostiuk Vasily Osipovich

Rybinsk Y. V.

FORMATION OF INDICATORS energy efficiency in the energy management system

2016 Ph.D., Associate Professor
Borychenko O.V.
Andreyev O.E. Mode power consumption management through the
use of alternative energy

Mode power consumption management through the use of alternative energy sources

2016 -
Sokolovsky P.V.

Night failure of power consumption economy of Ukraine and its effective use

2016 PhD, Professor
Basok Boris
Vasylchenko A.N.

Power supply facilities agro-industrial complex with use of local energy resources

2016 -
Spodynska A.V

Selection of the best options of distributed generation with the introduction of multi-criteria decision-making algorithms

2016 PhD, Associate Professor
Vladimir Popov
Verba M.E.

Efficiency of using joint schemes in dispersed generation systems

2016 -
Chernysheva A.V.

ЕЛЕКТРОМАГНІТНА СУМІСНІСТЬ ВИМІРЮВАЛЬНИХ КАНАЛІВ СТРУМУ ЦИФРОВИХ ПІДСТАНЦІЙ СИСТЕМ ЕЛЕКТРОПОСТАЧАННЯElectromagnetic compatibility measuring channels of digital power substations of electricity

2016 Doctor of Technical Sciences, s.n.s
Tankevych Eugene M.