Energy Smart Systems

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International Conference «Energy Smart System»

devoted to scientific, technical and economic problems of building energy smart systems - Smart Grid, which play an increasingly important role in improving the efficiency of the energyy sector throughout the country.

At the beginning of ХХІ ct. in the world there have been significant changes in the strategy of energy development, meeting the requirements of sustainable development. Intelligent Energy was the vector of energy policy in many countries.

Creation of intelligent energy systems - a modernization of the whole complex of the generation and delivery of electricity through improved management, protection, optimization of power system elements in their relationship - from centralized and dispersed generation, transmission of electricity at high voltage, its distribution, automation systems, devices preservation to final consumers. Intelligent energy systems provide better performance and energy networks will improve the reliability and efficiency of the system by regulating consumption of monitoring and dynamic control bidirectional energy flows in real time. The use of intelligent energy technologies provides the best adaptation to the grid pulsating dynamic nature of distributed generation and alternative and renewable energy sources.

Conference «Energy Smart System» is an international forum for scientists, workers will share new research and experience of construction and operation of intelligent energy systems.