Night failure of power consumption economy of Ukraine and its effective use

Night failure of power consumption economy of Ukraineand its effective use
Sokolovsky P.V.
Date of presentation
PhD, Professor
Basok Boris

Description  of  work:  work  consists  of  entry,  four  sections  and  conclusions 
which  are  expounded  on  175  pages  of  typoscript,  contains  39  pictures  and  29  tables. 
The  list  of  the  utillized  literary  sources  is  contained  by  79  names  and  resulted  on  8
pages. Work has 9 additions on 40 pages.
Actuality  of  theme,  purpose  and  task  of  research:  Identification  of  effective 
measures  to  eliminate  the  negative  effects  of  the  failure  of  the  night  (from  23.00  to 
06.00)  power  consumption  to  optimize  the  daily  schedule  of  generation  and 
consumption  of  electricity  for  the  harmonization  of  the  processes  of  generation  and 
Research object: the process of using energy negative phenomena "n ight dip" in 
the power system of Ukraine. Methods of reducing its volume and use in the economy
Article of research: Optimisation of power consumption during the "night dip".
Research  methods:  Analytical  review  of  domestic  and  foreign  literature,  the 
analysis,  systematization  and  provision  of  proposals  and  recommendations  for 
scientific,  technical,  engineering  and  methodological  nature.  The  assessment 
calculations technical, technological and economic sense. Providing recommendations 
for the establishment of the legal project documentation to the Executive authorities
Scientific novelty of the got results:  Scientific novelty of the work contains the 
results of a study of the effectiveness of the implementation of complex of measures on 
elimination of the negative phenomena of the night dip.
Practical  value  of  the  got  results:  the  practical  significance  of  the  proposed 
methods  and  solutions  is  that  the  solution  of  this  problem  at  the  level  of  the  state's 
economy, namely the implementation of a number of effective research methods work 
will  allow  to get out  of the problem  state  in  the  electricity  sector  and  to improve  the 
system of planning the use of electricity at all levels
Approbation of results of dissertation:  ХІ international conference "Problems 
of  industrial  heat  engineering"  20-23  October  2015  Kyiv;  III  international  scientifictechnical  and  educational  conference  "Energy  management:  state  and  development 
prospects  –  PEMS'2016"  30  may  -  01  June  2016,  Kyiv;  VIII  scientific-technical 
conference "ENERGY, ECOLOGY, MAN" on June 1-3, 2016, M. Kiev

Keywords:  night  dip,  schedule  of  electrical  loads,  electricity  consumption, 
integrated power system, the uneven load.